Welcome to Madagascar Fishing Adventures.  

You've probably noticed that we've been a bit quiet for a while...but we have a good excuse! For the past 12 months, we have been hard at work setting up an awesome fishing operation in north-western Madagascar.

The area boasts a fantastic array of fishing and species (and consistently perfect sea and weather conditions) making it a prime destination for saltwater anglers.

From deep jigging for massive dogtooth tuna, to light tackle inshore fishing and hardcore fly-fishing, to casting at free swimming sailfish with fly and stick baits, to throwing surface poppers for big GT's and everything in between, there is something to satisfy every angler!

Madagascar Fishing Adventures is based on Sakatia Island just off Nosy Be, and is the brainchild of experienced international guides, Graeme Field and Brandon King.

Our philosphy is simple: to offer affordable fishing trips without compromising on the key elements that make for world-class fishing - namely a dynamic fishery, good boats, high quality electronic equipment and experienced guides.

As the name suggests, Madagascar Fishing Adventures' focus is on adventure, and in order to ensure that our guests have the ultimate fishing adventure, we have created both land based and live-a-board fishing packages.

In addition to our lodge on Sakatia Island and 44ft catamaran live-a-board yacht, we have set up two fly camps in remote island archipelagos 60kms north and south of our base, enabling land based anglers to fish these inaccessible areas.

Whether land based or on the live-a-board, anglers fish from our brand new state of the art 28ft monohull "King Julien", ensuring a high quality fishing experience!

For a comprehensive overview of the operation, accommodation and fishing, please visit the official Contact us today to book your trip to Madagascar!

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